About Us

The Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative (NWRI), along with the Nechako Valley Food Network (NVFN), is part of the Nechako Healthy Community Alliance. Our mission is to initiate and support effective ways to reduce waste in the community of Vanderhoof. The NWRI is member-driven, with a core group of members exploring and leading projects to reduce waste in Vanderhoof and engage community members in better understanding and taking action on waste reduction. Funding for the NWRI is provided by the Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako (RDBN), which is responsible for handling waste in our area.


The Nechako Waste Reduction Initiative (NWRI) began its activities in 2009. Starting with paper and cardboard recycling, the NWRI has grown to offer and advocate for recycling and waste reduction in a number of different ways. Our initiatives now include plastics recycling, the innovative "green toolkit", a community recycling guide, greening community events, cardboard pick-up for businesses, providing a voice for Vanderhoof on recycling policy and programs, and more. Read about our initiatives here.









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