Green Toolkit

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Community Waste Reduction Guide

NWRI has been working on the community waste reduction guide to make recycling in our community easier.  The guide lists common household products and where that particular product can be taken for recycling or reuse.  To see the guide click here!

Green Events

A joint initiative between the NWRI and Nechako Valley Food Network (NVFN) to help three local events become “green” has been a success!  Two events in 2016 were successfully “greened” with positive feedback from community members.  A green event is an event in which waste is kept to a minimum, local food is served and volunteerism is promoted.  These actions work to engage our community in environmental stewardship, to support our local food producers and economy, as well as help to create a community identity.  The NWRI is responsible for minimizing waste at these events and achieves this through the use of reusable dinnerware, composting food waste and recycling beverage containers and paper or cardboard packaging.  For 2017, we plan on “greening” 2 events which are: 

Fridge Magnet Project

In 2011, the NWRI created fridge magnets (image at right) as references for recycling locations in Vanderhoof. Fridge magnets were distributed to every mailbox in the community. Some of the information in the fridge magnets has since changed so be sure to visit our Recycling Locations page for up-to-date information on locations for recyclable items in Vanderhoof.

Community Clean-up Day

Each spring the NWRI organize a Community Clean-up Day to help celebrate Earth Week. Starting at Riverside Park at 10am, volunteers pick up gloves, garbage bags and a map of the areas of Vanderhoof that need the most help to clean up. Once done, volunteers return to the park with the recyclables and garbage they collected and enjoy a complimentary BBQ.

Newspaper Articles

The NWRI regularly writes and appears in articles on various aspects of recycling and waste reduction. These articles are published in the local newspaper (Omineca Express). Click here to go to our Articles page to read these articles.



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