Paper and Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

Corrugated cardboard and mixed paper can be recycled in Vanderhoof at the Vanderhoof Transfer Station.

Transfer Station: Mixed paper, office paper, newspaper and boxboard.
Transfer Station: Corrugated cardboard. Please flatten boxes.

Not accepted in either bin: Waxed cardboard (milk cartons, tetra packs, etc.), food contaminated products. The waxed cardboard drink products can be recycled at NVSS Bottle Depot.

Reduce your paper use - Say NO to junkmail!

Junk mail creates four million tons of preventable waste each year.The enormous waste generated by junk mail has a big negative impact.

This junk...

Most junk mail companies get your name and information from just a few major mailing lists.  By removing your name and information from these lists, you can cut the majority of the junk mail that clogs your mailbox and help to ease this wasteful practice.  Here’s who to contact to cut the junk:

By taking the above steps, you can free up space in your mailbox, and space in our landfills. 

Just remember, any time you sign up for a new service or give out your personal information such as name, address and telephone number to a company, that information is sold to other companies.  Avoid giving out your information whenever possible.

With all this in mind, it is difficult to end junk mail altogether.  For the mail pieces that you do receive, be sure to recycle them.

Benefits of recycling paper and cardboard

Recycling paper can reduce your garbage production by up to 20%. As well, and a benefit not often considered, is that by recycling our waste we can help save the community and Regional District money in unneccessary hauling charges. This money could be used for other things to benefit our community.

Re-use ideas for paper products

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