Recycling Locations

Click here for a map of select recycling locations in Vanderhoof. Also available is our waste reduction guide which lists many different household items that can be recycled in and around Vanderhoof. Click here to see the guide.

Some common recycling locations are listed below. You can also find the information you are looking for by clicking the quick links below:

- Corrugated Cardboard - Plastic Grocery Bags - Plastics
- Mixed Paper - Tin Cans - Clothing & Household Items
- Drink Containers - Batteries - Cell Phones & Electronics
- Inkjet Cartridges - Glass - Yard Waste & Wood Waste
- Milk Containers - Other  


Quick reference guide



Co-op Mall

Plastic Grocery and other Single-Use Shopping Bags

Where possible, consider using reusable cloth bags, which can be purchased at most local retailers and grocery stores. To recycle plastic bags, there is a tall recycling bin located at the indoor entrance to the Co-op Grocery store.

Stores that charge for bags in Vanderhoof include Extra Foods and Rexall Drugs. More stores have started doing this to help reduce the number of bags being used and to encourage people bringing reusable bags (or even reusing the plastic bags).

Vanderhoof Transfer Station

The Vanderhoof Transfer Station is a great place to recycle a lot of household items.  Hours of operation can be found here.

Household Plastics

Household plastics numbered 1-7 can be recycled at the Vanderhoof Waste Transfer Station.  Located beside the paper recycling bin, the large, labelled bin (usually green or blue) accepts clean, household plastics only. Look for the recycling symbol on your plastic container/item before you try to recycle it! Items that are NOT accepted include industrial/commercial plastics, oil/antifreeze containers (these can be returned to the Co-op Gas Bar) or items that are dirty or contain food waste. Look for one of the following recycling symbols before throwing it in the bin:

plastic recycling symbols

Mixed Paper

Mixed paper recycling is available at the Waste Transfer Station in the large, labelled metal bin (usually green or blue). Mixed paper includes newsprint, office paper, and boxboard (e.g. cereal boxes).

Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard can be recycled in the smaller green bins located at the Vanderhoof Transfer Station. Corrugated cardboard should be flattened before going into the bin.

Not accepted in the bin: Waxed cardboard (milk cartons, tetra packs, etc.), mixed paper, and food contaminated products. The waxed cardboard drink products can be recycled at NVSS Bottle Depot. Mixed paper, including boxboard (like cereal or Kleenex boxes), should be put in the mixed paper bin.

Compost & Yard Waste

The transfer station has an area (currently in the southeast corner of the lot) designated for leaves and grass clippings and another area for wood waste. Small volumes of brush and branches are also accepted, but the diameter must be less than 6 inches.  Trees/stumps and soil (land clearing debris) are not accepted at the Waste Transfer Station. Please contact the RDBN (1-800-320-3339) for information regarding disposal of land clearing debris. 

We encourage you to try backyard composting as there is currently nowhere in Vanderhoof where food waste can be taken for composting.

Tin Cans, Metal and Appliances

There is a designated area, alongside glass and bikes, at the Waste Transfer Station for tin cans, and another for appliances. Tin cans can be dropped into the large drums in the labelled area at the Waste Transfer Station. Please read the guidelines for leaving appliances, especially fridges and deep freezers.

Scrap metal can also be recycled at the Waste Transfer Station. Follow the signs to where scrap metal can be safely dropped off on the scrap metal pile. Scrap metal can be anything - large to small.

Clothes, Books, Toys and other Household Items

If your items are in usable condition, they can be left in the reuse shed at the Transfer Station. Please keep this shed tidy, so that it is easy for people to find items they may need for their home.

Act II Thrift Shop

Clothes, Books, Toys and other Household Items

Items that can still be used can be donated to Act II Thrift Shop, located on West Stewart Street, next to Neighbour Link. The store is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from noon-4pm. You can bring things in via the front door or, preferably, at the side door.

NVSS Bottle Depot

Located at 293 East Third Street, at the corner of Nechako Avenue. Click here for hours of operation or directions.

Pop, Beer, Wine, Juice and Water Bottles

All glass and plastic bottles that were purchased with a deposit can be returned for a refund. Please rinse and remove caps.

Tetra Paks

Juice tetra paks can be returned for a refund. Please remove straws and rinse and flatten tetra paks.


This includes desktop and portable computers, televisions, printing and scanning devices, non-cellular telephones, and E-toys. No appliances, please! For a comprehensive list of recyclable electronic devices, please click here.

Used Paint

Used paint containers can be recycled at the NVSS Bottle Depot. You can also browse their selection of free recycled paint for your small painting projects!

Home Hardware


Located at 135 East Stewart Street, Home Hardware has a box that accepts most household batteries for recycling. Store hours are Monday through Saturday, 9am - 6pm.

Nechako Valley Secondary School

Cell Phones

You can drop off your old cell phone for recycling in the library at Nechako Valley Secondary School (2608 Bute Street).

Faitron Communications

Electronics and Batteries

Faitron accepts most household batteries and electronics for recycling. For a complete list of acceptable items visit  Faitron is located at 346 1st Street in Vanderhoof.  Please call (250) 567-3339 for hours of operation.


Inkjet Cartridges

Empty inkjet cartridges that can no longer be refilled can be recycled at Bird on a Wire in Vanderhoof. Bird on a Wire is located at 149 Stewart Street. At this time, toner cartridges cannot be recycled there but those can be recycled at Staples or London Drugs in Prince George.

Plastic Writing Instruments

If you have pens, highlighters, markers, or other plastic writing instruments that no longer work, you can now recycle them at the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce! Thank you to SpeeDee Office Supplies for offering this service and keeping plastic and ink out of our landfill!

Automobile Batteries

Car batteries can be dropped off for recycling at P&H Supplies (279 East 1st Street).


Glass containers and jars purchased without a deposit can be returned for recycling to the BBK Bottle Depot located at 2629 Vance Road in Prince George. Check out this link for a location map and hours of operation.

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs

Did you know CFL bulbs should not be disposed of with your household waste because they contain mercury?  The BBK Bottle Depot in Prince George and the Fraser Lake Bottle Depot will collect your CFL bulbs for recycling.  Simply bring your expired CFL bulb to depot and it will be recycled responsibly.

Non-CFL bulbs, including tube lights and incandescent bulbs, can be recycled at the BBK Bottle Depot in Prince George, the Fraser Lake Bottle Depot, or Ace Hardware in Fort St. James.

Milk and Milk Substitute Containers

Empty and rinsed milk and milk substitute containers are recyclable in the plastics bin at the Vanderhoof Waste Transfer Station.

Containers into new plastic items


Paper Compost Garbage Other