Green Toolkit


What is it?

The Green Toolkit is a set of reusable place settings that can be used at your next event instead of disposable Styrofoam, paper, or plastic place settings. The Green Toolkit has 200 complete place settings and you can rent any part of the Green Toolkit or the whole thing, depending on your needs.

What does it include?Green toolkit

The Green Toolkit includes:

What does it cost?

We ask for a small rental fee based on the total number of dishes rented, as follows:

Up to 600 pieces: $20

601 to 1000 pieces: $40

1001 to 1800 pieces: $60

This fee supports the sanitizing of the dishes, which is a fundraiser for individuals with special needs in Vanderhoof.

What else do I need to know?

We ask that the green toolkit be clean upon return. That way, we are able to effectively sanitize the dishes before renting them out to the next group. For more details, you can download the Green Toolkit rental agreement here.

How do I book the Green Toolkit for my event?

Contact the NWRI Sustainability Coordinator at or 250-567-8538 to book the toolkit.


Thank you for thinking of the Green Toolkit for your next event!


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